DEAR, GRANDPA, I know Swan Lake and The Nutcracker have given you an elegant idea of what you think I do.

DEAR MOM & DAD, I know my pre-pubescent - barbie loving -  heel deprived self has left you with a polaroid of what you assume I still do. (minus the deprivation)

DEAR SOCIETY, I know you've seen Step Up 1, 2, 3, 4 & 500 and that you assume I take over street corners with my "crew" (#crewname) where we "break dance," "krump it out," or "pop & lock" (which, btw, is not a real thing) in preparation for our super huge dance battle against our rival neighborhood crew, of course.

DEAR BOYS, I know you've seen Flashdance or been to your local club's real life adaptation of it and that's given you an idea of what you think dancers do… #DisDancerDontDanceForDollaBills

DEAR FRIENDS, I know you have no idea what the hell I do, but based on what we did in university you probably assume I'm gettin “Turnt Up” on a Tuesday. #paidtoparty

DEAR ANYONE WHO HAS EVER SEEN ME TEACH MY DANCE CLASSES, you can clearlyyy see that THAT is what I LOVE to do. (Lord knows that in an instagram/ youtube free world this would be a lot harder to communicate to anyone outside of the dance realm #ThanksInstagram #YouTooYoutube)

DEAR ANYONE WHO HAS EVER SEEN ME PERFORM LIVE... You know that I couldn’t give this up even if I tried. And, trust me, I’ve tried.

I AM PROUD TO BE A DANCER especially since it took me a long time to call myself one. Don't box me in though. I am far more than just that. I am a performer. I am an artist. I am a choreographer, creator and fierce AF conveyer. I am trying to find my way same as anyone else but I am lucky enough to be abnormally obsessed with this thing that I've chosen to pursue. It's far from the easiest road to travel, but I can already attest to the fact that it's well worth travelling.

Dear society's preconceived notions about dancers, thank you for your judgements. All of your stereotypes have helped me better define the dancer I am and the artist I want to be.

- MG



Collaborators: Eva Feinstat & Angela De La Cruz I Photographer: Mike Pham