April 6, 2017

Dear Desires,

One of the most vulnerable positions to put yourself in is confessing to the world or to a single person what you really want. Your dream job, your ideal city, the person you love, etc... Sharing your innermost thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams is scary for it is when you undress your mind in this way that you become truly exposed.

You become uncovered and bare for the world to judge you for what you want; for the person you love to reject you; for the industry you aim to be in to not only pass on you but criticize you. However, despite all of this, your truth is your own and only you can work to prove to yourself how badly you want something.

This year I challenge you to expose yourself. Be it in words, movement, lyrics or actions. To a single person, to the universe or to the entire world.

I challenge you to tell yourself the truth about what you want in this life despite how attainable or unattainable that thing may seem. You could sit around and dwell on how much time you’ve already lost not chasing it OR you could celebrate your courage to delve in now instead of 5 years from now … or never. Think of it as time gained for not waiting around anymore. It’s not too late. It just depends - how bad do you want it...

Let this be your year of challenge and truth.